Atlantica Vox update

Hi folks,

Well, I haven't been releasing songs as quickly as I had hoped this last year.  I've gotten a bit hung up on a song called "Fields of Youth."  Dang, it just won't come together the way I want it!  Sometimes recording songs is kind of like painting--you think it just needs a LITTLE something else, and then when you do that, it changes the overall picture, and then you make more changes, and so on--until you can't get it right no matter what you do!  I think it's just going to be abandoned soon, although I still may release what I've got.  Maybe the listeners will end up liking it more than I do.  After a while, you start to lose perspective.  

The collaboration song I did with the artist Open World is all done, and that came out pretty well--it's going to be on the upcoming Open World album.  I'll pass on more info when I know.

Also working on a song called "Dancing in Your Own Empire", which will be for an already-completed video done by Dan at Trickle Down Productions!  The video was originally for another song, but due to some changes in plans, we think it's going to work better for this new song.  I promise this song and video will be REALLY cool!

Thanks for listening!  -Kyle