All words and music © Kyle Fiske 


False Horizons 
This ancient desert stretches out ahead 
My rifle’s gone and the squad is dead 
How did I end up in this tight spot? 
Now my water’s gone and the sun is hot 
Now I’ve been watching and I can’t decide 
If it’s real or just in my mind 
Now I’ve been watching and I have to act 
Can’t let myself get sidetracked 
False horizons are waiting up ahead 
False horizons to fool me once again 
Out to sea and the ship is tossed 
The satellite signal has been lost 
I think I heard what the captain said 
There might be an island up ahead 
Back to Earth coming in from space 
The panels are fried as the orbit decays 
Wish I could think of just what to say 
And Major Tom has started to pray


Fields of Youth 
Once upon a life ago, new horizons spread out wide 
Believe and it’s possible, a voice called from the mountainside 
Dreams that used to last all day, summers than would never end 
All the world was in our hands, more time than we could ever spend 
Fields of youth, where we would run through golden days 
But now time is truth, and we know the price we have to pay for those 
Fields of youth, underneath a  blue sky 
When all roads were new and always led to some great prize 
Now I drive this haunted way,  like I’ve done a thousand times 
In the mirror I can see the lights, lost patrol coming up behind 
They pass me at high speed, through the night on a radio call 
To the scene of a day gone bad, where another soul stumbles and falls,  too far from those 
Phantoms will all give way, in the light of the morning sun 
Echoes of a distant past, and new shining days to come 
Some strange light up ahead beckoning , like a forgotten dream 
I hear a song on the radio, now big music played still calls to me


Getaway Plan 
I went over the list for the hundredth time 
I ran through it all again in my mind 
Well I’ve planned for years, and now it’s time to go, go 
I’ll be in and out before they ever know 
You know my getaway plan was made for two 
You know my getaway plan included you. 
You know we could have had a brilliant time 
You know we could have had our golden days 
Now it all went down just like I said 
Some guy got hurt, but no one’s dead 
Now I’m waiting for you in our secret place 
But you’ve disappeared now, without a trace 
Gold New Fall Sky 
You  stand in silhouette against the autumn sky 
Like some photograph from a gilded age gone by 
Oh, time is slow now here today 
No words that we could ever say 
We travel familiar roads and they lead us somewhere new. 
Under a gold new fall sky 
Caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea 
Out of the shadows and into the light of day 
Phantoms all around us in this digital age 
Now you light the spark that kindles up the flame 
Cup your hands and breathe life into it again 
Oh, from the sea to the city lights 
A flickering lamp in the night 
To shine across the fields where we used to run 
And now the leaves have turned to gold and brilliant red 
Like moving pictures that are rushing round your head 
Oh, we try to understand 
The time that slips right through our hands 
But I will remember you in all the coming days 

The Greatest Gift 
Told in a vision that she was with child 
Kind, loyal Joseph stood by Mary’s side 
To Bethlehem from Galilee 
They traveled that winding road faithfully 
Three traveled in from far Eastern lands 
Wise men with gifts for the Son of Man 
Frankincense, Myrrh and shining gold 
To witness the truth of glory foretold 
They came upon shepherds and lo did they find 
On hay in a manger lay mother and child 
King of all men while just a babe 
He broke all the chains that would keep us slaves 
Now when you raise a glass with good cheer 
Warm by the fire with your loved ones near 
Remember those still cold in the night 
And welcome them in with His candlelight 
Under a star, shining so bright 
He was born on this winter’s night 
In a town called Bethlehem 
The Greatest Gift was given to men 
A choir of angels singing on high 
Brought tears of joy to the shepherds’ eyes 
In a town called Bethlehem 
The Greatest Gift was given to men


Now I wander through the halls just listening for the sound 
Of your footsteps on the staircase lightly creaking down 
I hear a noise and I turn, all my senses keen 
Then I remember that you’ve gone away 
And there’s no one left in this house but me 
You showed me Eden, and then you left me wanting 
Here in this empty house that you’re still haunting 
I walk out to the sea to watch the waves come crashing in 
And as the sun begins to fade, with all the shadows’ creeping sin 
Your voice calls in the tallest trees, twisting, bending with the wind 
And as the clouds fly overhead (so low), my own house of Usher crashes in

Her Silver Pin 
Where the winter light comes through the trees 
I hold the gift that she gave to me 
Made by hand in a different time 
We don’t understand all the things we find 
I walk alone under this sky 
And the trees around reach up so high 
Evergreens dusted with snow 
Who knows where all our time goes? 
Was it only yesterday, or a hundred years ago? 
That she went away on a jet plane, and all she left with me 
Was her silver pin… 
Sometimes I drive where we used to go 
By the old town hall and the church steeple 
She made this place into a wonderland 
And me a king as she took my hand 
I wander down to the edge of the sea 
The cold ocean rains falls over me 
I turn my coat up against the wind 
Who can say what tomorrow brings?


I’ll Be Your King Tomorrow 
Once upon a time on strange highway 
A sign said “Canadian border—10 miles away” 
I was running on empty, and the day was fading fast 
I pulled into this nameless town, the kind you’d probably drive past 
Main street was like I’d stepped back to 1959 
I saw “Blue Star Hotel” flickering on an old neon sign 
I pulled up in front of  this once-grand hotel 
It looked kind of quiet and warm, and it cast a friendly spell 
I walked into what must have been the old ballroom 
I got a beer and then I heard someone humming the strangest tune 
I turned around and saw him at a table all alone 
He had a bottle of whiskey and it was halfway gone 
I raised my glass and nodded, and he said “hey friend, come over here” 
I sat down and we got to talking about our yesteryears 
He said he’d fought in the desert wars, and he’d sailed around the world 
But the best day he ever had was when he met that girl 
He sang “I’ll be your king tomorrow, it got late fast today” 
“I’ll be your king tomorrow, honey—just give me one more chance” 
He said “I promised her I’d give her the world with my own two hands” 
“But things have a funny way of working out different than you planned” 
He said “Most everything I tried came out all wrong” 
He said “I heard she’s been doing a lot better since I’ve been gone” 
Once upon a time on a strange highway 
I met a man I call a friend, though I never got his name 
He said most everything he tried came out wrong 
And every now and then I find myself singing his song 
I’ll be your king tomorrow…..

In Your Shadow 
Well I’ve walked around for too long in your shadow 
Yeah I’ve walked around for too long in your shadow 
Well I won’t fight any more of your battles 
I’m riding off now, tall in the saddle 
And I’ll never spend another day in your shadow 
Now I’ve stumbled round for too long in your shadow 
I’ve been deceived for too long in your shadow 
Well I won’t fly your flag into battle 
And I’ll never spend another day in your shadow 
Now I’ve crawled around for too long in your shadow 
Yeah I’ve been cheated for too long in your shadow 
Well I won’t fight any more of your battles 
I’m riding off now tall in the saddle 
And I’ll never spend another day in your shadow

Now we wander again, where the shadows of our dreams remain 
Drifting through the days, until they call us back once again 
Irina—your new day rises up again, Irina 
Irina—I see you where you’ve always been, Irina 
No we wander again to catch a glimpse of the fleeting show 
The acrobats all shine, and tumble round under the falling snow 
It throws you off to see, in the photographs we begin to move 
I see you smile again, and there’s no way now we’ll ever lose 
Irina—your shadows fade in the melting snow, Irina 
Irina---with you it’s always the strangest show, Irina

I Used to Know That Town 
Back in the halcyon days, in a city that was far away 
Wonders of days gone by, the old world was so alive 
Things that we’d only read about were there before our eyes 
Walkman and the NME, Danes and friends so kind 
I used to know that town 
Now it’s not the same 
I used to know that town 
It’s different today 
Things have changed 
I’ll go back again 
They  meet at a small café,  to wonder what they’re allowed to say 
Talk of books and picture shows,  blasphemy and videos   
Then shots ring out from the street, broken glass and bullets sprayed 
The gunman makes his getaway;  more films that will not be made