Atlantica Vox--news, and new single with Open World

Hi folks, 

I've been sorely negligent of updating this site, but rest assured, new Atlantica Vox  songs are in the works!  I have literally several dozen songs that are in various stages of completion, and SOME of them will surely be completed and released.  In the meantime, here's a new single that's a collaboration I did with Jared of Open World.  He came up with a very wonderful, subtle and evocative backing track, and he asked me to come up with the lyrics, vocals and guitar--which I did.  Then, he took my tracks, added some more of his own, and then he mixed and mastered the whole thing.  He's a talented guy, and the completed track is pretty cool, in my opinion.  It's called "Isolation", and it's part of the Open World EP---check it out:

"Islolation", by Open World (featuring Atlantica Vox)