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10 Year Anniversary - Free Album Download!

Hello Atlantica Vox fans,

So, ten years ago, on August 11, 2008, the first Atlantica Vox full-length CD, The Phantom Town Demos, was released on CD Baby.  Although those were the first songs that I had released publicly, they…

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Atlantica Vox Update

Hi folks,

Sorry I haven't been updating things in a while, but rest assured, Atlantica Vox is still going!  I should have a couple brand new singles out in the coming months, and also--a whole new album!  Well, okay…

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New track: Dancing in Your Own Empire

All right, it's been a while, but we've got a new Atlantica Vox track dropping next week.  The song is "Dancing in Your Own Empire", and will be accompanied by an AWESOME new video directed by Daniel Andrews of Trickle…Read more

Atlantica Vox update

Hi folks,

Well, I haven't been releasing songs as quickly as I had hoped this last year.  I've gotten a bit hung up on a song called "Fields of Youth."  Dang, it just won't come together the way I want…Read more

Subscription Service!

Okay, it's up and running!  For the measly sum of $6.99 per year, a subscriber will get the WHOLE back catalog (around 30 songs), plus ALL new songs as they're released--plus extras (b-sides, live tracks, videos)!   I think this is…Read more

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