Atlantica Vox Update

Hi folks,

Sorry I haven't been updating things in a while, but rest assured, Atlantica Vox is still going!  I should have a couple brand new singles out in the coming months, and also--a whole new album!  Well, okay, it's technically not that new.  I released my album "The Phantom Town Demos" back in 2008, and that was the first one that I really put out to the public---released on i-Tunes, CD Baby, etc.  But, those were certainly not the first songs I had written or recorded.  

I started seriously writing songs around 1990, and around that time I got my first 4-track cassette recorder ( a Tascam Portastudio).  I immediately began plugging away, and writing and recording songs.  Over the following years I kept upgrading my equipment, and tried to keep improving my songwriting and recording techniques.  I put out several full-length releases on cassettes.  They were often very rough recordings, and I wasn't confident enough to put them out to the world--I mostly just gave them to friends and family.  All in all, I think I recorded around 50 songs, and I still have them.  Some of the recordings are pretty bad, and some are pretty good--but I think there are a lot of very strong songs among them;  also, they're kind of a snapshot of who I was as a person and an artist at that point in my life, and I see that as having some inherent worth. 

I recently went back and listened to the one I did in 2003, and I thought "hey, that sounds pretty cool!"  The tracks were never mastered, and now I have my own mastering software, so I'm planning on mastering those songs and releasing them.  It will be called "Atlantica Vox - Lost Tracks Vol. 1."  If I'm happy with the way that one comes out, I may go back and put out some more.  


Stay tuned, and as always, thanks for listening!